Consultancy for performing arts venues

Theatreplan is a world-renowned specialist consultancy providing advisory and design services to performing arts companies, venue managements, architects, project managers and engineers.

They specialise in creating theatres, opera houses and music venues, conference centres and education facilities in existing and listed buildings, found spaces and new structures.

They offer a wide range of theatre planning and technical design services based on their experience of projects worldwide and their knowledge of future expectations.

Creating spaces and developing technical systems for performance art

Live performance venues present unique architectural challenges. The style of productions, artistic aspirations, environmental targets and business aims of the venue affect decisions about facilities for performers and audiences. The choice of technical equipment must ensure current needs and future expectations.

Theatreplan’s experienced team includes theatre practitioners, architects, technicians and venue managers. Working with clients and architects, they contribute practical detail to every project.

From initial concepts to detailed plans and specifications, Theatreplan deliver a tailored service to ensure well-functioning stages, practical backstage facilities, comfortable auditoria and excellent audience circulation areas.

Supporting Habitat for Humanity Global Village Challenge - Argentina 2009

Theatreplan is pleased to be able to contribute to the Habitat for Humanity challenge 2009. They wish Brian Inkster and Nicola Walls every success in helping to build better homes for families living in poverty in Argentina.

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